Thursday 1st June, 2017


Diocese of Lafayette, LA 70501

About the Beginner’s Course

Level 1:  Beginners with little or no experience using the Google Tools.  Slow pace/basics.

Beginner participants asked to become more familiar with the Google tools  (Mail & Drive).  Sessions will include introduction to Chrome,  Gmail, Drive, Documents & Slides.  The last session will give a brief introduction to Google Classroom to those who are interested and others will have the opportunity to practice and apply newly acquired skills.

About the Intermediate Course

Level 2:  Experience using basic tools like Mail, Calendar, Docs & Slides.  Steady Pace.

Level 2 participants are ooking for ways to integrate the use of Google Tools for leading leaders.    Topics will include paperless research process with Google Docs, Form and Classroom.

About the Advanced Course

Level 3:  Advanced users that do not require an introduction to the basics, but looking to level up. Fast.

Topics will include Chrome Settings & App Extensions  Bringing tools together to create an online presence with Classroom, Calendars and Sites will be covered as well as a review of Add Ons. 

Why Attend a Bootcamp?


Focused on Pedagogy

The whole course provides real-life examples for pedagogically sound use of the tools inside and outside the classroom.


Led by Experts

We use the best Google trainers from across the world. All of them are edtech experts and have a history of innovation in the classroom. Many are still practicing teachers.


Exam Voucher Included

Our bootcamps are great value. Your ticket price even includes a voucher code to sit the relevant Google Certified Educator exam for free!


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